Throughout the season Celtic’s guard Jason Terry kept an online diary with After the game six loss to the New York Knicks, Terry wrote about his disappointment, off season plans, and the possible departure of KG and Paul Pierce.

“I have mixed emotions about the end of our season, but I am definitely disappointed,” Terry said. “You hate to go home with that type of loss when you know you’re better than the team in the other locker room.”

Terry’s perception aside, the Rondo-less Celtics were not better than the Knicks.

As disappointing as it was, the loss was overdue. Doubt surrounded their playoff future since Rondo’s injury. The Celtics dug a 0-3 hole, giving them a slim chance of winning four straight and advancing to the semifinals.

“Why did we lose? Because we dug ourselves into an 0-3 hole,” Terry said. “You can’t do that. You see why that is so tough to overcome. I understand why nobody has done it in professional basketball. When you dig yourself an 0-3 hole, it’s just hard to get the gas up.”

With an injured leader, and aging starters, it wasn’t the absence of heart and passion that ended the Celtics’ season; it was the lack of consistent heart and passion.

“What I hope we take from this experience into next year is to play with passion and heart every night. When we play worry-free basketball, we will be tough to beat.”

It’s uncertain to whether or not KG and Paul Pierce will return to Boston next season, but Terry will never forget what the All-Stars have taught him about professionalism and determination.

“Getting to play with KG and Paul was a great experience,” Terry said. “From KG I learned what it means to be a true professional. Not only during games, but in practice and everyday life. Like the way he takes on a task, it’s just amazing. He puts his whole heart and soul into whatever he’s doing. He’s so passionate. It was an honor playing alongside him. I’m signed here as long as he is. So hopefully this isn’t the end.

From Paul, what I learned is it’s never over. As long as there is time on the clock, then we have a shot to win and that’s what he exemplified all season.”

Terry is spending his off season coaching his daughter’s basketball team, enjoying time with his family, and becoming being physically prepared for next season.