As an NFL fan it’s difficult to believe that one of the NFL’s most humorously entertaining wide receivers would take such a hard fall from superstardom.

During the highlight of his NFL career he was a starting wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Although his performance on the field rarely matched his overtly cocky and comical personality, Chad Johnson wasn’t afraid to push the envelope of entertainment. Impatient fans waited for Johnson to score touchdowns, not because they wanted the Bengals to add six points to their total, but so that Johnson could celebrate in the end zone.

After spending ten seasons with the Bengals, Johnson was no longer the most interesting and most demanded wide receiver in the league. Johnson was left to do what attention seeking washed up celebrities do: star in a reality television show.

In 2010, Johnson starred in the reality show “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.” The ten episode series aired on VH1 and showed the athlete in a personal and intimate setting as he tried to find “the love of his life.” I doubt if that was his ultimate goal, but I’m sure it was the impression VH1 wanted to give viewers. Unfortunately, VH1 fans are smarter than the network gives them credit for. While The Ultimate Catch aired, Johnson was spotted on several occasions engaging in intimate relations with another VH1 reality star, Evelyn Lozada of the VH1 “Basketball Wives” series.

Fans were convinced that Johnson wasn’t looking for love with any of the 85 contestants, but instead was possibly involved in a relationship with Lozada. Fans were disappointed, the ratings suffered, and Johnson ended up pursing a relationship Lozada, and not one of the contestants from his show. But did Johnson finally find love, or was this another cry for attention?

In 2011 Johnson was traded from the Bengals to the New England Patriots where he played for 15 games. Instead of 2011 being the year Johnson would show the world that he’s no washed up veteran, 2011 was the year that Johnson became less of an athlete and more of a reality star. Johnson had a reoccurring presence on “Basketball Wives.” His personal life became more important to fans than receptions and yardage. His unique relationship with Lozada kept viewers tuned in every week; they’re relationship was filled with drama and infidelity.

But his fairytale reality show relationship would soon come to an end in the most shocking and unpredictable way. Johnson married Lozada in 2012, but their marriage was short lived. In August of that year, less than one month after her wedding ceremony, Lozada filed for divorce. Apparently Johnson has a little bit of Chris Brown and Ike Turner flowing through his veins; Johnson was arrested for domestic violence (the second domestic violence charge Johnson has faced in his life; the first case was against a college girlfriends).

24 hours after his arrest Johnson was cut from the Miami Dolphins, a team the Florida native wasn’t with long enough to impress. The Dolphins denied that the domestic violence arrest was the reason for their release of Johnson but we know the truth; who wouldn’t have released him under those circumstances?

The free agent is currently looking for a new football home; trying to convince teams that he has his head in the game once again. Unfortunately, his moral character is permanently damaged. Johnson will forever be known as the guy who fell in love with a reality star, married a reality star, and physically abused and harassed a reality star.