As we all know Mikhail Prokhorov is the billionaire mogul, KGB-connected, Russian Presidential candidate/majority owner of the New Jersey-Brooklyn Nets. One of his co-owners is rap legend Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z aka Jigga aka HOVA. To put it simply they both wear a lot of hats. In recent years, Jay-Z has become more of a” business man, not a business, maann…”

Well, it appears from the video below that in turn, Prokhorov has caught Jay-Z’s freestyling skills by osmosis.  For some reason, Prokhorov is on Russian television rapping on what could only be called the Russian answer to The View.

Prokhorov has what it takes. He’s already speaking in the third person and even dubs himself the Russian Eminem. My thing is if Pitbull can “Make in America”, Prokhorov could cut at least one bilingual gold record, right? It sounds better than anything Jay-Z’s Rocafella partner Dame Dash released. Since Prokhorov is actually running for President of Russia, is it too early to dub the inevitable Jay-Z-Prokhorov collaboration “Watch The Fuhrer”


1-2, 1-2 (Yo, yo, yo my b(?))

1-2, 1-2, check this out

(Yo, yo, yo my b(?))

Yo Jay-Z this rap is for you

Mr. Jay-Z this is the first presentation

Of real rap music from Russian Federation

Mr. Jay-Z I am not alone

Mikhail Prokhorov on the microphone

His name is Mikhail, he’s Russian businessman

I am real Russian Eminem

Mr. Jay-Z this is my friends

They got many dollars and Mercedes-Benz

We are superstar on TV in Russia

(Prokhorov speaks raps in Russian)

We don’t speak English, we use iPad

Because our English is very bad

This is the tea, this is our table

This is our first channel label

This is the show projector Paris Hilton

London is the capital of Great Britain

(Couple bars in Russian, only Jay-Z stands out)

We don’t speak English, but we are not bad

Mikhail Prokhorov and my band

via SB Nation