The NFL lockout is entering its 94th day and although it appears a proposed deal over a new collective bargaining agreement has a chance of bringing the two sides together, the NFL’s players, owners and coaches aren’t helping with their list of ridiculous requests. “We Want Football!” but they’d like a few things of their own. Some of these requests make Aretha Franklin seem like Tiny Tim in comparison. Enjoy the NFL’s perennial off-season.

1. Not only should NFL players be allowed to tweet on the sidelines but coaches and quarterbacks should tweet their play calls and audibles to teammates. Private profiles of course.—Chad Ocho Cinco
2. My idea is similar to the Rooney Rule. The resumes of deposed dictators should be placed into a pool of vacant NFL jobs. Omar Kadafi’s authoritarian style would be  perfect for our President of Operations position but the NFL won’t allow us to interview him.—Al Davis.
3. The team that signs Plaxico Burress should be forced to implement the Pistol Offense—Aqib Talib
4. A league limit on Hail Mary audibles per game.  I’ve heard Tim Tebow is obsessed with them. God’s busy.—Steve Johnson
5. To save the NFL season, the league can use replacement players from BCS conferences. We’ll take the paycut in exchange for credit towards graduation—Terrelle Pryor
6. Not only should touchdown celebrations be embraced but after each touchdown, –a professional ballroom dancer should join them in the end zone.—Hines Ward, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice
7. Rex Ryan should be forced to make play calls via sign language.—Mark Sanchez/Darrelle Revis
8. The Chargers lockout should be allowed to continue until at least Week 8.—Norv Turner
9. Criticizing your quarterback in the media should be a 15 yard penalty.—Donovan McNabb
10. Like the NBA’s 10 day contracts, teams should have authority to sign a free agent quarterbacks to 2 minute contracts.  Brett Favre has at least 32 minutes left in his arm.—Kyle Shanahan

Honorable Mention:
Running back Tiki Barber can host the Sunday edition of The Today Show from the Jets sideline—Rex Ryan

Training staffs should become equipped for halftime knee surgeries—and personality transplants.—Jay Cutler

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