According to’s Michael Silver, NFL Draft evaluators laugh when they hear comparisons between Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton. His reasons? For one, Newton is 6’5, 245 pounds while Griffin is 6’2  (3/8) and 220 pounds.

Griffin is considered a better passer than Newton, who had some very forgettable moments during the draft process.

Despite his elite speed and quickness, scouts also have concerns about Griffin’s sustainability as a scrambling quarterback because of his relative lack of size in comparison to Newton, who outweighed most linebackers.. While I would usually agree with that sentiment, Griffin uses his speed much differently than Newton.


Discounting what we witnessed during Cam Newton’s rookie season, you have to wonder whick one would teams have taken second overall between Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III if they both came out in 2012? While Newton used his speed to gain yardage on the ground, Griffin often scrambles to get more time to throw in the behind the line of scrimmage and keeps his eyes upfield. To put it simply, Griffin is a pocket passer with mobility while Newton is a scrambling quarterback that can pass.

Griffin threw for 4,200 yards in his final season at Baylor, while Newton threw for 2,908. Newton ran for nearly 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. Griffin ran for 699 yards and 10 touchdowns. Griffin’s Heisman moment was a beautiful 40 yard pass against Oklahoma. Newton’s was a 49-yard touchdown run against LSU’s vaunted defense.

I was wary about Cam Newton and while people are fawning I still think he’s got to working on cutting down on the unnecessary picks he throws. I don’t think Griffin will sturggle with turnovers as much.

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