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The Knicks Cannot Rely On Their Star-Crossed Superstars

Tweet While power forward Amare Stoudemire rested on the bench nursing a back injury, Carmelo Anthony delivered his finest offensive performance in two months by scoring 28 points in an 89-80 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Pardon the pun Amare, but last night’s victory was also significant because it returned the New York Knicks record”back” to a .500. However, the road only gets more difficult from here. [&hellip

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Knicks Shouldn’t Wait For Phil Jackson To Phil The Void

Tweet On Wednesday afternoon at approximately 1 p.m. EST, Mike Woodson received a knock on his office door. From there he was immediately whisked away by Secret Service (who could probably execute a solid zone defense in a crowded arena) into a black Cadillac and later sworn in as New York Knicks head coach by James Dolan aboard a private [&hellip

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The New York Knicks Permanent Head Coach May Not Be Far

Tweet Carmelo Anthony has been extremely this season but did anybody realize he could brew intense infighting within the organization more efficiently than he could score on the hardwood? Just one year after his arrival Anthony has played so far below expectations that trade rumors began began popping up as the trade deadline nears. At the same time conflicting reports of [&hellip

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