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Would The Knicks Rather Sit In Miami’s Hot Seat or Run With the Bulls?

Tweet The Knicks still have a faint hope of avoiding the East’s top two seeds, Miami and Chicago, however that pipe dream relies on the historically bad Bobcats beating the Orlando Magic without Superman. Even with the sixth seed out of reasonable reach, the Knicks share the Eastern Conference’s eight best record with thePhiladelphia 76ers and don’t know which team they’ll play in the first [&hellip

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Top Duns(Ten) Stories of the Week

Tweet 1) Rumors circulated today that the Lakers had signed former All-Star shooting guard Gilbert Arenas. Fortunately, they proved to be false. Besides the next time Metta World Peace loses it, do you really want to take a chance that he knows where Arenas stores his locker room piece? (see: John Brisker)   2) JR Smith made his Knicks debut [&hellip

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Super Team 2.0 Same as it was 40 Years Ago

Tweet There was a sentiment entering this season that in todays NBA, only a handful of genetically engineered teams in destination cities had a legitimate shot at the NBA championship. That idea died a painful death on Sunday night. Since 1979, the Lakers, Rockets and Spurs have maintained a monopoly on NBA championships in the Western Conference. Today, it’s just [&hellip

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The Choken One

Tweet Would you believe me if I told you Nike predicted the single greatest meltdown in playoff history by a superstar in NBA history eight years ago?  During Lebron’s debut against the Sacramento Kings, Nike aired a television spot, which foreshadowed his play in the 2011 NBA Finals. The commercial featured Lebron receiving the ball at the top of the [&hellip

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The Rise of No-QUIT-zki And The Missing King

Tweet Before it was renovated last year, my high school had a murial in the center of a large brick wall that read a quote from the school’s namesake,  Benjamin E. Mays. It read, “He who starts behind in the great race of life must forever remain behind or run faster than the man in front.” This is a saying [&hellip

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