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Dwight Howard Is Holding The Orlando Magic Hostage

Tweet The NBA has an unwritten rule on the separation of front office and players for the same reason the United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorists or put the Pope on the ballot. However, the Magic are breaking that rule in order to appease Dwight Howard. This will not end well. Opting into the final year of his contract will [&hellip

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SLAM: A Letter From Tim Duncan to ‘Little Brother’ Dwight Howard

Tweet Dwight Howard can learn from the immortal words of Kanye West, when he opined that His Big brother was B.I.G.’s Brother. Used to be Dame and Bigs brother Who was hip hop brother Who was No I.D friend No I.D My mentor Howard had a well-known rivalry with former #1 overall pick Shaquille O’Neal over his use of the Superman [&hellip

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The Meeting

Tweet As the Denver Nuggets organization rumbles and burns with Carmelo Anthony’s future up in the air, Denver and New Jersey’s trade negotiations are taking longer to develop than Dr. Dre’s Detox.  While, Dre has finally set an April date for Detox.  The trade deadline is just under a month away. With the possibility of an NBA lockout looming, Carmelo [&hellip

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