While most spectators and analysts focus on the potential NBA Finals rematch between LeBron and Durant, fans are hoping for a team of underdogs to challenge a team of superstars and take the title this year. There’s no doubt that Stephen Curry and the Warriors could be that team.

The Warriors have already beaten the Los Angeles Clippers (their potential first round playoff opponents) and the series is tied (2-2). If the Warriors survive the first round the only teams that stop them from meeting the Heat in the Finals is the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. The series between the Warriors and the Thunder sits at 2-1, in favor of the Thunder. The series between the Warriors and the Spurs is currently tied (1-1); they meet again on March 20th in San Antonio. With wins against the NBA’s most prospective NBA Finals teams under their belt, the Warriors must revisit the idea of meeting LeBron James and the Miami Heat in a series of games once again.

There’s no question that the Miami Heat is the biggest threat in the league. LeBron and crew have their eyes set on surpassing the NBA’s longest game winning streak of 33 wins. Their current streak is impressive, but it doesn’t intimidate Curry and the Warriors. The Warriors and Miami have met twice this season and the series is tied, one game apiece.

On December 12th the Warriors traveled to Miami and left with a win; 97-95. Not even the highest scoring duo in the league, Durant and Westbrook, could stop the Heat, but the Warriors did. The last game the Thunder won against Miami was game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals where the Thunder played at home. Anyone can win at home, only championship teams can win on their opponents’ court. Curry and the Warriors have proven that they are a championship team.

On January 16th Miami blew out the Warriors at home; 92-75. Although a win is a win and a loss is a loss, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Curry suffered from a sprained right ankle at the time and was inactive. Warrior fans can’t help but wonder what the outcome would have been if Curry played in the game. Would the series be tied, or would Curry and the Warriors have swept the series? Instead of living in the land of what ifs, Warrior fans will have to wait and see how the playoffs play out.

With both teams having the skills to win on their opponents’ court, and healthy game changing leading scorers, the NBA Finals could possibly be a seven game series. For Warrior fans, an NBA Finals appearance and a seven game series win would be long overdue. For Stephen Curry, a championship ring and a finals MVP award would make him an undisputed NBA superstar; a title he’s earned.