How do the 2012 Knicks stack up to D’Antoni’s best team–the 2004-2005 Pheonix Suns?

Somehow over the last month, the Knicks have slowly evolved into the league’s most complete team. Baron Davis will likely make his debut this week as the backup point guard and the Knicks future rests on how well Carmelo Anthonyintegrates into the new-look Knicks offense and whether his co-stars can continue hiding his glaring deficiencies on defense.

It’s too early too tell where the Knicks rank in the NBA’s elite hierarchy, but the question now has to be asked, is this the best D’Antoni coached team yet? It’s a tall order.

Seven years ago, Mike D’Antoni began his first full season as Suns head coach. Thanks in part to one of the most deepest rosters in the league, Phoenix rolled to a 62-win season and had one of the most prolific offensive seasons in league history.

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