I think we can all agree that for the past two months, every time we (Te)bowed our heads down to sleep we prayed for Tim Tebow to make the Pro Bowl roster. Unfortunately, the fan vote and players selections were released this week and Tebow’s name was nowhere to be found. After researching the causes of this  national travesty, I’ve uncovered a few theories as to why Tim Tebow’s Pro Bowl snub occurred.

Honorable mention: Skip Bayless’ right clicker broke.








#10 Because Tebow is avoiding NFC Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen.

#9 An unwritten prerequisite for making the Pro Bowl roster is for a quarterback to achieve a higher completion percentage than the Pro Bowl’s abysmal Nielsen ratings.

#8 Nobody cares about winning the Pro Bowl. The players and coaches didn’t want Tebow to come in their and ruin their vacations. After all, all he does is win.

#7 Voters on NFL.com looking at his stats, saw Tebow’s 48 percent completion percentage, thought it was the amount of the vote he’d received and assumed Tebow already had the fan vote locked up.

#6 John Fox and John Elway secretly voted for Kyle Orton.

#5 Voters couldn’t decide whether he was a Pro-Bowl H-back or quarterback.

#4 The only quarterback with a more aesthetically unpleasing throwing motion than Tim Tebow’s is Phillip Rivers’. Coaches and players decided they’d rather not send that sort of message to children.

#3 We missed the memo/tweet, which outlined that sending photos of you and your friends Tebowing don’t count as official ballots in the Lord’s inbox.

#2 The world isn’t ready for Tebow to actually take snaps in a pro-style offense.

#1 We are all born sinners—even Pro Bowl voters.