The Miami Heat beat the Milwaukee Bucks, again. Thursday’s 104-91 victory puts Miami up 3-0, making it impossible for Brandon Jennings and the Bucks to win the series in six games like Jennings prematurely predicted.

“I’m real confident,” said Jennings. “I’m sure everybody is writing us off but I see us winning the series in six. There’s no pressure on us.”

Confidence only goes so far.

The Bucks outscored the Heat in the first quarter (shooting 57 percent), but were outscored throughout the proceeding quarters.

Jennings and Larry Sanders scored a combined 32 points but their efforts were no threat for LeBron’s 22 points, Dwayne Wade’s 11 assists, and Ray Allen’s historical performance.

LeBron and Allen hit much needed shots as the Heat came back from a minor deficit in the 3rd quarter. Allen, the 17 year veteran and former Milwaukee Buck, scored 23 points and made five 3’s. His long distance buckets helped him reach 322, surpassing Reggie Miller and setting a new playoff record. Allen’s performance proves that he’ still the king of 3’s.

“I think about when I first stepped on this floor for the very first time, I thought about what I was going to be able to contribute to this game,” said Allen, expressing the bittersweet memory of playing in Milwaukee. “It’s ironic that I’m on this floor right now, because this is where it all started.”

Game four of the series takes place Sunday at the Bucks. The Heat can sweep the series with a victory and await the winner of the Bulls-Nets series.