Just when we thought ‘Diva’ was as hard as Beyonce’ could get, she hits us with her hardest release yet. ‘Bow Down/ I Been On’ is her first release from a new album in two years. The Hit-Boy produced record is edgy and it shows us a different side of Beyonce’. But “Don’t get it twisted” she’s making a statement.

In her documentary Life is But a Dream Beyonce’ explains how complicated it is to stay current but still make soulful music. But Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down/I Been On’ doesn’t fall short of combing the two. Her aggression and assertiveness is refreshing, but more importantly her soulfulness and vocal range is still present. In the last two minutes of the record her angelic voice plays in the background, operatically.

Finally Beyonce’ is saying what we’ve all been waiting for her to say; “bow down.” Letting us all know that she’s the King. It may be hard for her haters to admit but Beyonce’s lyrics are pretty accurate. From the surrogacy rumors in 2011, to the birth of Blue Ivy in 2012, to the Super Bowl performance in February, Beyonce’ has been a presence in the media. In fact Beyonce’ has been consistently relevant and successful since her solo album Dangerously in Love debuted in 2003.

Although this record is clearly a banger we shouldn’t get too attached; sorry fans! Bow Down is either an introduction to the album or a sample of a full length song. If it were the actual single I doubt if Beyonce’ would allow for her producer to rap on the debut single of her highly anticipated album for a full two minutes when the record is only three minutes and thirty-four seconds long. Hopefully this record is more than a teaser and there are more verses to come. But if it is just an introduction, we can expect for Beyonce’s album to be one of the best albums of the year, no question.

This record reiterates what Beyonce’ stated in the February issue of GQ; “I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand.” She’s “H-Town vicious” and wearing the king’s crown proudly.


“…I been on. Tell me who gone take me off?” Who will dethrone the King? No one.