Michael Floyd will be remembered for his many feats at Notre Dame during their constant rebuilding periods. However, on Thursday night against the Florida State Seminoles, Floyd held his final in-game audition for NFL scouts and his first for the Universoul Circus.

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Vincanity Gets Bitten By Durantula

Vince Carter has had a tough couple of years. His game has dipped considerable, Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted longer than his stint with the Orlando Magic, he’s put on a few pounds as his cheeks are beginning to turn into pouches and he was replaced in the starting lineup by Lebron’s stepdad Delonte West. Simply put, the days of Vince-Sanity are over. Thursday night, Vince-Sanity thought he’d delivered the first victory of the season to Dallas with a clutch three. Unfortunately, Kevin Durant had other ideas. Poor Vince.


RG3’s Heisman Run

We all saw Robert Griffin III shred Oklahoma’s defense with the rifle attached to his shoulders but Washington’s defense received a glimpse of his legendary footwork. I haven’t seen footwork like that since the Jackson 5 Reunion Special. If Cam Newton is the Lebron James of the NFL, Michael Vick is Iverson, Tom Brady is Dwyane Wade, Peyton is Kobe and RG III will be the NFL’s  Kevin Durant.