Dwyane Wade is arguably the best shot blocking guard in the NBA. Despite his offensive woes this season, he’s still showcasing the same lift and timing on the defensive end.

The next two highlights got me thinking; who is the NBA’s top dunking point guard?
The candidates right now are Russell Westbrook, John Wall and Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose had the night off but Wall and Westbrook put on a show last night—in losses.

John Wall Reaches For the Skies

Everything’s Bigger in Texas—Even Russell Westbrook’s Dunks

Point guards Who Don’t Slam
Ricky Rubio used to look like the Spanish Harry Potter but now that in the three years it took him to reach the NBA but now he’s rocking the Ashton Kutcher homeless beard look. Can’t be mad at him. Minnesota better enjoy his alley oops and no-look passes while they can because he’s made it very clear in the past that a large media market is where he desires to be. Unfortunately, his shot needs work as Rubio’s shot makes Rajon Rondo look like Jesus Shuttlesworth in comparison.

Rubio Assist to Derrick Williams

Oregon’s backfield is so loaded that they’ve got two backup running backs who are now early contenders for the 2012 Heisman trophy. All that is contingent on 2010 and 2011 Heisman candidate, Lamichael James, not returning for his senior season. De’Anthony Thomas is a 5’7 freshman from Crenshaw High School. Kid moves so fast, if he had played Ricky from Boyz In the Hood, he would have survived until the end. In yesterday’s Rose Bowl, Thomas ran for 155 and two touchdowns on TWO carries.

De’Anthony Thomas’ Goes 91 Yards in Fewer Than Ten Seconds

De’Anthony Thomas Rosy Run

Jusin Blackmon declared his NFL Draft entry after the game, however, he’s looked like a pro since his freshman season. Scouts compare him to Terrell Owens but realistically he’s more similar to Anquan Boldin in stature, size, and speed. The real question is this. Is Blackmon better than Dez Bryant?

You can’t talk big receivers without talking about South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey may lack the quickness that will make Blackmon a top five pick but he’ll make some team very happy as a huge redzone target. Even Tebow couldn’t outthrow his reach. Right?…

Alshon Jeffrey