5. Tavon Austin’s Four Touchdowns (West Virginia Sets Bowl Record with 70 Point)

4. Darwin Cook’s 99-yard Hidden Ball Touchdown Return

3. If the Clippers Are Lob City is Ricky Rubio Mayor of Minnesota OopsCity?

2. Paul to Jordan Alley-Oop

2. That Was Supposed to Be a Pass: Jameer Nelson’s Fadeaway Dish to Superman


1. Rudy’s No Look, Over the Back Lob

Rudy Fernandez is Arguably the Best Passing 2-Guard In the NBA and this play settles that argument. In fact, Ricky Rubio is the most creative passing point guard in the League and Pau Gasol has the best vision among Centers. After earning a silver finish in the ’08 Olympics, Spain’s 2012 Olympic team is going to be fun to watch and tougher to beat.

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