During Super Bowl Week in February, Bengals receiver and reality TV veteran Chad Ocho Cinco campaigned for Terrell Owens to become his peer in the Bengals receiving corps. Instead, seven months later, with the 2010 pre-season just over the horizon Terrell Owens and T.O. remain free agents.  At this point, it seems the only place Ocho Cinco and T.O. will ever team up is on Vh1.

You see, Terrell Owens is a separate entity than T.O. Terrell Owens trains like Rocky Balboa in the off-season. T.O. does a press conference from his driveway as he does sit ups.
All we’ve heard for the past three months is that Owens will have to wait for a star wide receiver to go down before a team looks to sign him.  The worry is the baggage he carries with him taking up an extra roster spot.  However, players such as cornerback PacMan Jones and pedestrian receiver Matt Jones, who drag criminal records longer than Cowboy Stadium.  Essentially teams wouldn’t mind having Terrell Owens as long as T.O. doesn’t show up.

Owens isn’t the world beating receiver who burned the New England Patriots defense for 122 yards on a surgically repaired ankle, in Super Bowl XXXIX, however he’s also better than the paltry 860 yards he produced in Buffalo.  With a revolving door of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards and Brian Brohm drilling passes into the icy turf his production was bound to drop.

McNabb may be gone but the Eagles are clearly not an option because the same regime which exiled him from Philadelphia remains in power today.   In recent years it seems Owens and McNabb have been attending the “Shaq and Kobe” Reconciliation Clinic, however, the Redskins will likely remain invested in developing receivers Malcom Kelly and Devin Thomas as they enter the pivotal 3rd season for receivers.

However, the San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders make the most logical destinations for the T.O. Show.

For the Oakland Raiders, it wouldn’t be the first time Al Davis took a flyer on an ex-49er receiver.  From Bill Romanowski to Lane Kiffin Al Davis embraces flamboyant personalities in his employment almost as much as Marvin Lewis and Tony Dungy embrace players with felony convictions.   Louis Murphy was a revelation as a rookie and Darrius Heyward Bey remains a question mark, however, they could benefit from a wily veteran mentor on and off the field.

Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans were intrigued by rookie receiver Kenny Britt’s potential, however, the cupboard is bare at receiver.  However, the Titans are facing a potential holdout from Chris Johnson and a potential suspension for Vince Young stemming from a strip club altercation.  Young is the type of inconsistent passer that would draw the ire of Owens cantankerous alter ego, T.O.

The Chargers need a #1 receiver now that Vincent Jackson is intent on sitting out the first ten weeks of the season.  The Chargers are built to win now.  Actually, they were built to win yesterday therefore it’s pointless to waste an opportunity to finally lift a Lombardi Trophy when a perfectly viable former All-Pro receiver sits at home.  San Diego offers a tropical climate, two hours from Owens’ off-season home in Hollywood, a Pro Bowl quarterback and a team ready to contend immediately.  At the present, San Diego holds all the desirables to maximize Owens’ talent on the field and keep T.O. at bay.