The events that take place during NBA All-Star weekend are some of the most entertaining events of the NBA season, and the Slam-Dunk Contest is the most anticipated event of them all. But in recent years the most anticipated event has been dry and disappointing.

Unless you consider partially jumping over vehicles impressive, or throwing a ball into the hoop satisfying, you too expect more from the best basketball players in the world. The purpose of the annual events is to entertain fans, and when All-Star weekend events disappoint fans, it contradicts its purpose. Fans vote, fans attend, and fans watch; don’t make them regret their decisions. A possible way to end the drought of boredom is to put two of the most talked about basketball players in the country against each other on the biggest entertainment stage in the world; LeBron James vs. Brittney Griner.

After setting a single-game record in high school with seven dunks, Brittney Griner, the 6’8” forward, became an instant basketball fan favorite. But as supportive as her local fans were, they would soon be overshadowed by her worldwide fan base. Due to highlights posted on YouTube, basketball fans around the world soon realized that Griner was more than a dunker; she was an all-around player and leader.

As a Baylor Bear, the “Queen of Swat” set an impeccable NCAA record (the first player in NCAA history to score 2,000 points and 500 blocks) and led the Bears to an NCAA national championship in 2012. Now eying her second NCAA championship and preparing for the WNBA draft, Griner’s performance on the court has NBA greats taking notice.

LeBron James told Fox News that Griner is “Awesome. It’s not like she’s just catching and laying it or dunking every time either. She’s shooting turnaround jumpers. She’s drop-stepping over her left shoulder, right shoulder, shooting jumpers. She’s got a fade-away jumper. And she’s dunking the ball, too. She’s great.”

The 2013 WNBA draft will be live in primetime for the first time in WNBA history. If you believe that this decision is a random act of destiny, you’re mistaken. On Monday April 15th, top performing seniors Griner, Skylar Diggins, and Delle Donne, will be drafted live on ESPN2. Three of the most entertaining female athletes in NCAA history will be selected into the WNBA and will finally become professional athletes; Griner will most likely be heading to Phoenix as the number one draft pick.

If Griner has the successful rookie year we expect she’ll have, and if LeBron takes Magic Johnson up on his million dollar offer, we could possibly witness a 3-Time NBA MVP go head-to-head with the WNBA’s Rookie of the Year in the 2014 NBA Slam-Dunk Contest. This competition will definitely be a crowd pleaser; the respect of the competition will be restored by fans.

Historically, WNBA players have graced the court during All-Star weekend extravaganzas but they aren’t favored to participate in the Slam-Dunk Contest. Griner’s popularity and talent has the power to create historical moments in NBA history.

How will LeBron benefit from competing against Griner? Other than contributing to erasing gender lines within the world of sports, LeBron can potentially gain a greater fan base by symbolically promoting female empowerment. If LeBron beats Griner, no harm done; most people expect for the future Hall of Famer to beat anyone he competes against. But if Griner upsets LeBron, Griner will officially be crowned the most dominant player in the world and the female basketball fan base will increase, benefitting both Griner and the WNBA.