It has been an eventful week for the Patriots organization since the labor dispute ended.

On Monday, Patriots owner Bob Kraft earned major credit for ending the NFLs labor dispute with players. Meanwhile, the Colts are in disarray as Peyton Manning may not be ready for camp after off-season neck surgery and the team remains stagnant in free agency while the Colts drag their feet on negotiating Manning’s new contract.

On Thursday, the Patriots shifted the balance of power again by trading for Pro Bowl wideout Chad OchoCinco and former Defensive Player of the Year Albert Haynesworth in separate deals. After a 14-2 season, the surprise shakeup was akin to the Patriots sitting at a Vegas blackjack table and asking the Vegas dealer to hit on 18. I’d be surprised if Belichick didn’t have an email awaiting him from Miami Heat President Pat Riley. Why?

Because Thursday was the gutsiest day of deals since Riley paired Lebron James and Chris Bosh with Dwyane Wade in South Beach. It’s probably best Belichick isn’t near South Beach because if free agency was a swanky nightclub, Bill Belichick just walked out the VIP area, announced a party at his crib, hopped in his Maybach & everyone followed. Unlike the Miami Heat, however, the Patriots didn’t just import superstar talent, they also collected eccentric and strong personalities.

However, Bill Belichick is the true zen master. Belichick is the Dr. Drew of NFL personalities. From Corey Dillon, to Randy Moss, Belichick has consistently transformed the biggest malcontents in the NFL into manageable personalties.

His handling of Randy Moss is at the top of his resume. His formula: Take talented but troubled personalities from bad franchises, bring them into a stable, winning organization and watch them flourish. Belichick is essentially the best foster dad since Different Strokes’ Phillip Drummond.

On the field, OchoCinco has never had the same commitment issues or off-field legal troubles as Haynesworth. The former Pro Bowl receiver constantly trashed his coach, Marvin Lewis in the media and created weekly distractions with his antics. He will be fine in New England whether or not he has a genetic addiction to Twitter and publicity.

On the defensive end, all eyes will be observing how Haynesworth integrates into the Patriots 3-4 scheme. He has the potential to be either their savior on defense or the Trojan Horse to topple the Patriots empire. At a time, Haynesworth was the most dominant defensive tackle in the NFL. In Washington, he was forced to stop the run at the nose tackle position, while in New England that position is already occupied by Vincent Wilfork. In New England he’ll line up in a five technique and be used to rush the passer.

However, at the same time, he has also been the interior lineman version of PacMan Jones. Albert Haynesworth may have been the hated athlete in Washington, D.C.(ahead of Gilbert Arenas) and never meshed with Mike Shanahans system or personality.

During his two seasons in D.C., Haynesworth spent more time in the courtroom than he did on the field. Haynesworth was sued by a stripper, who claimed he impregnated her, punched a man in a traffic altercation and was accused of misdemeanor sexual assault—all in an 18 month span.

Before receiving $100 million from Dan Snyder, Haynesworth purposely stepped on the face of a Cowboys offensive lineman in 2007 and partially paralyzed a 25 year old after clipping his car at 100 MPH on an icy road in 2009.

Haynesworth, not OchoCinco will be the true test of Belichick’s Jedi mind rehabilitations. Randy Moss was angry and moody. OchoCinco is a chatterbox. Albert Haynesworth is plain and simple—a bad person and nearly impossible to reign in.

The brilliance lies in the details though. Both players were acquired for no more than a fifth rounder—which would be like the Lakers acquiring Pau Gasol AND Chris Paul for the services of an assistant coach and a reserve forward. Haynesworth’s contract was front loaded, therefore he’s due just $12 million over the next two seasons. He’s a low risk-high reward player.

Neither are coming off stellar seasons. Chad OchoCinco is 33, averaged only 800 yards per season since 2008 and has eclipsed double digit touchdowns just once in his 10 seasons. In his defense, Carson Palmer hasn’t been a quality starter since tearing his ACL and MCL in 2005.OchoCinco has the skill to revive his Pro Bowl career as New England’s much needed deep threat.

In 2010, after retuning to New England, Deion Branch didn’t take over the world but did equal his 2008 and 2009 statistical totals. The Patriots have shown they can convert average receivers into perennial Pro Bowlers and Pro-Bowlers into legends. In 2007, Randy Moss was traded to New England from Oakland, where he nearly equaled his two year totals in receiving yards with 1,493 receiving yards and shattered Jerry Rice’s single season receiving touchdowns record with 23.

Step aside Indianapolis. In the free agent arms race with Rex Ryans’ Jets, Thursday was Belichick’s testing of nuclear missiles over the NFL. Signing Nnamdi Asomugha woud be Rex Ryan’s missile defense system and the first Jets-Patriots confrontation at Gillette Stadium in Week 5 will be the beginning of the NFL’s next great rivalry.

Earlier in the off-season, OchoCinco rode a bull at a professional bullriding event. He lasted for one second. The analogy applies to Belichick and his new field pieces. However, for Belichick one second isn’t enough. The Patriots mastermind can’t afford to lose control of the reigns until he’s hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Indianapolis. With Chad OchoCinco and Albert Haynesworth in tow, the 2011 season should be an intriguing ride.

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