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Top Duns(Ten) Questions About The 2015 Summer Movie Slate

Summer is almost over. Officially the season doesn’t close until Sept. 22, however, the dawn of September often feels like summer is packing its boxes and moving out the dorm early for fall and winter break. With fall’s arrival, goes the summer film bonanza. There weren’t any Oscar contenders this year like there was in 2014 when Birdman’s late August premiere

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USA Network’s Robot Revolution
mr robot

Cyber buzz has replaced word of mouth as the method of growing viewership. When Mr. Robot premiered back in June, it was disguised incognito as hacktivist Elliot Alderson’s millennial commentary on society. During the summer slumber period, it was a swaying tree branch tapping on the window on Wednesday nights Like LOST’s Walkabout episode or Ned’s beheading to end the

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Jay Cutler’s Bear Market

It’s early in the afternoon on a Tuesday in mid-June, with the Chicago Bears having just closed the first padless practice of their mandatory three-day veteran’s minicamp, and Jay Cutleris uncharacteristically relaxed and at ease. Expectations for Cutler have gradually approached sea level from their astronomic provenance, as Chicago shuffled through four offensive coordinators in his six seasons as a Bear.

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Call Kenny Loggins: Pete Carroll Got Seattle Stuck In The Danger(Russ) Zone

Malcolm Butler deflated an elated (Danger)Russell Wilson more dramatically than the Pats could (allegedly) lower the air pressure of a Wilson football with a pump and a needle. Quarterbacks will always be the casual fan’s central focus, but candid cornerbacks were the fulcrum that kept the gears of the past league year spinning. Richard Sherman served as the mouthpiece for

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Josh Smith Is A Test of Morey’s Law And The New Analytics Age

The success of Josh Smith could be a blow to the analytical revolution Daryl Morey has cultivated as the chairperson for the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and as the Houston Rockets general manager. For the first half of his tenure, Morey’s quantitative approach to roster management, which relied on data compilation that determines how a player projects to fit

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