The raging debate between Lebron and Jordan has been weighed in on more times this week than the contestants of Biggest Loser. Never mind that Kobe Bryant still holds the deed as the NBA’s best but we don’t know where Lebron will be in five years. He could be on the verge of a five-peat or still be left standing at the NBA alter ringless. Or worse. Athletes with Lebron’s size often end up with balky knee braces and bad feet. However, unlike a certain middle aged Jamaican psychic’s hotline, I don’t have the ability to see where Lebron’s career will talk him. However, Jordan was an icon on and off the court. Here are the top 10 reasons Jordan’s shadow still eclipses Lebron’s potential.


10. Juanita Jordan has as many rings as Lebron James AND Savannah Brinson

9. Marcus Jordan has more Jordan-like Vegas qualities than Lebron.
Jordan’s gambling habits are just as legendary as his work ethic. Not only did his sons inherit his ability to throw away cash but his offspring are phenoms at the Olympic cash toss. Marcus and Jeffrey famously spent $60,000 in one night in Vegas last summer, meanwhile Lebron’s infamous Vegas trip last summer left James loking like an amateur. The only way Lebron wil ever match Jordan’s is if he starts sprinkling diamonds with the ice in his drinks–in moderation of course.

8. Most of Jordan’s legacy was pounded home after 30. Either people love to exaggerate or Lebron’s measurable gain 10 pounds every year. At some point a 30-year old 6’8 300 pound specimen playing the point forward just doesn’t sound as promising.

7. His Travelness. Jordan flew to the rim, Lebron still has to “walk” there. Who can forget Crab-Gate ’09?

6. Lebron’s barber hasn’t mastered the fadeaway off the court as well as Jordan did on the hardwood.

5. Nike gave Dwayne Wade the “next Mars Blackmon“.

4. Lebron lacks Jordan’s hubris. King James said he has along way to go before getting compared to Michael Jordan. If he were really heir to His Airness, he would have referred to Jordan as an all-time top 5 shooting guard. Plus, any athlete who goes by the nickname King James but then feigns humbleness loses points in my book.

3. Michael Jordan lone foray into entertainment cast him alongside Warner Bros.’ most renowned animated characters such as Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and comedian Bill Murray in Space Jam. Lebron James only screen credit is for a 40 minute made-for-TV special co-starring the Golf Channels Jim Gray.

2. Officials: Not only did Jordan get all the calls from officials but they even called him to introduce him to his mistresses. Lebron doesn’t even have Tim Donaghy in his pocket. Officials are like animals with whistles.They can sense these things and right now Jordan has the officials vote locked up.

1. Michael Jordan left basketball for baseball after the death of his father. Lebron left Cleveland for Miami after Delonte West nearly became his father. Point Jordan.